The Crushing

If there is one thing that I have learned, it is that pain is never easy but pain will always facilitate maturity. And another thing that I have learned is that God does not waste pain. There will always be purpose in our pain.

You see, from great pain comes great growth. Olive oil is produced only when the olive is crushed, tearing the flesh of the olive away, allowing the oil to be released.

The anointing of God only comes from the crushing process that rips away our flesh and allows the oil of God’s anointing to be released in our lives.

This crushing process in my life has at times be devastating, but is has been equally astonishing.

I have lived within a realm of genetic defects and malformations that created health issues that should have taken my life not only before I was born but shortly thereafter. But 46 years later, I’m still standing… should have been dead and gone, but the Lord let me live on!

Through the crushing process, I have learned that God is faithful. I have come to understand His unconditional grace, love and mercy through a revelatory aspect of His healing power & His miracle power.

I have been the recipient of both. The miracle that happens in a flash of a moment and the healing that happens over the course of time. Both are divinely appointed by God and neither is better than the other. Both are part of the crushing process that brings about the sweet fragrance of the anointing.

You see, I don’t want to live my life without God’s anointing. I don’t want to walk a step that is not ordered by Him.

If having His anointing means I must go through the crushing process so that it rips away my flesh and my carnal desires, then so be it. If I must go through the crushing process so that the anointing of God can be ever-present and flow in my life… then lead me to the place of crushing!

If there be not any other way than to go through the crushing process in order to have His anointing, believe me when I say I’m not going to take a short cut. Crush me every time! Rip away my flesh, crush my carnal desires, make me to know sorrow! Because there is nothing like having the anointing of God flowing in my life and ministry.

Many run from the crushing process… many don’t want to go through it. They want the anointing, but they don’t want to go through the crushing process. If you don’t go through the crushing, you cannot have the anointing of God. If there is not a separation of your flesh and your carnality, you will never have the anointing of God.

Take me through the crushing process, God! Take me though it time and time again… rip away my flesh, tear away my carnality so that the sweet fragrance of Your anointing can flow through my life and my ministry!

3 thoughts on “The Crushing

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